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About Us


When Heather Henson visited Winnipeg in May of 2010 to exhibit her short puppet film collection “Handmade Puppet Dreams”, a few local puppeteers came to the show and introduced themselves to her. The puppeteers had never actually met each other until that night. Heather suggested that the puppeteers form a group and put on a puppet slam. 

We have held six Puppet Slams so far. Our next slam is scheduled for July 13th 2013.

Past performers have included Marsian, Adhere & Deny, The Watch & Spectacle Puppet Company, The Secondhandpants, 6, The Wishweweres, X, Emily Baxter, Signifipedia Puppets, Jazz On A String, and Heather Henson.

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Hey look, there's an article about us in Uptown Magazine. And one in The Winnipeg Free Press. Here's a video from Shaw-TV. And here's an interview from CJOB.

The Winnipeg Puppet Slam is funded in part by The Puppet Slam Network.


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