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Puppet Artists

Here is information about artists who have performed in past puppet slams:

Adhere and Deny

Adhere And Deny is a Winnipeg object/puppet based theatre company.  It has produced twelve seasons of unique object/puppet theatre in Winnipeg.  It now embarks on its establishment of The Circus Of Objects, a circus of performing objects.


Jazz on A String

Estee made a living of busking and streetperforming in Europe with her marionettes for ten years. Sam and Chris, her two older children, grew up assisting her in festivals. She has been invited to perform for the Winnipeg Kid's Fringe since its inception and has been given the honour of Best of Fest numerous times.

Currently based in Winnipeg, Jazz on a String has performed in festivals in Italy, Germany, Brazil and Canada. Married to a master carpenter, their two year old daughter Ella is already learning how to pull some strings. Estee runs "Birch River Village" through the summer months.


The Secondhandpants

Winnipeg's only Science-Folktion musical duo! Wyll Maynard, the man from space and Francis Leonard, a good-natured Saskatchewan-bred country boy bring you Ukulele, Space Bucket Bass goodness layered with witty lyrics and toe-tapping melodies.

The Secondhandpants have performed in every WInnipeg Puppet Slam to date. They have a webpage where you can watch their videos and download their songs. LINK


Brian Longfield began making this kind of work the focus of his art practice while working with the Winnipeg band The Absent Sound.  Charla Ramsey began working with Brian during this time, appearing in performances with Brian and the Absent Sound at the St. Norbert Arts and Cultural Centre, and at the Ness Creek Festival. After leaving the Absent Sound, Brian became more interested in exploring the interaction between the live performer and projected video. He and Charla then worked together again on Elbow productions’ 2006 Fringe effort Aeschylus’ Prometheus Bound, and the Prairie Dancer’s Long Black Veil. They have continued to perform adding more elements to their pieces, like animation in Mother of Invention and collaborating with other music acts as part of Intervals at the Graffiti Gallery.


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